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Current Church loan Rates
Fixed Term Amortization Rate
5 20 5.95%
5 25 5.25%
10 25 5.85%
5 30 6.25%
*Rates and terms not available in all areas,
not everyone will qualify for a loan, and rates may change without notice.

What do small churches looking to borrow $75,000 and gigantic churches borrowing $24,500,000 have in common? They all deal with us. We are church financing experts with a clear purpose: "Exceed every Clients expectation." Simple and clear; just the way we work. We want you to be so pleased that you will feel compelled to tell other churches.

Our Church Loan Process:

First, we design a loan that works for your church based on your needs, objectives, and budget. In some parts of the country that could mean a loan with a 30 year amortization or a completely fixed rate term loan with no balloon. We will work with you to design a program that meets your needs whenever possible.

Second, our customer service and commitment to prompt responses, accessibility and service are unmatched in the financial services world. You can expect to receive a loan answer in as little as 24 hours. We have loan analysts available to speak with your church Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 8pm PST.
Third, we use a team approach. Your team will likely have 3 members:
- Loan Analyst - Determines how much the church can afford to borrow, and performs the formal write up that is submitted to get an approval.
- Loan Processor - Gathers the documents needed for submission. Sets closings dates and handles the loan closing.
- You - You are a big part of our team. We will keep you informed during the process and provide clear communication.

Why You Should Work With Us:

We have no upfront fees. If you are looking for financing for a project the church is currently working on or if you are just looking to answer the question "How much can we borrow?" we will provide a free detailed analysis of what you can qualify for today and if this does not meet your goals what changes could be made to get you closer to your goals. We will generally give you this answer in 24 hours or less, except on holidays.

We were recently named the 49th fastest growing financial institution by Inc. Magazine, we are very proud of this accomplishment. We analyze over $5 Billion in church loans a year and close over $100 Million a year.

If your church has been in business at least 3 years and is looking for a church loan collateralized by real estate of at least $50,000 we probably have a program for you.

Examples of programs: These are traditional church loans and not church bonds.

Easy Qualifier Program: This is our most lenient church loan program and is generally used for two different purposes. When a church is growing quickly and can not support the proposed new church loan payment on a historical basis according to traditional bank standards this is a good program. This is also a good program when a church is in a turn around situation; maybe they have had some membership declines and are having difficulty being approved under bank standards. The rates are slightly higher but a church can borrow up to 4 times its gross income. No personal guarantees are needed. This church loan program is available to mortgage brokers.

Traditional 5/25 and 5/20: This is a traditional church loan program and offers some of the very best rates around for churches. Loan to values go up to 80% and rates are extremely good. This church loan program uses a traditional debt service coverage underwriting method to qualify a church. No personal guarantees needed on this loan. This program is available to mortgage brokers.

90% Purchase Program: A church that is buying a building at a discount from its fair market value can use part of the equity in that property to decrease their down payment. For example, if a church is purchasing a property that is worth $1,000,000 and they are buying it for $700,000 then in some circumstances we would only require a down payment of 10% of the purchase price ($70,000 in this instance). Rates and terms on this program are excellent. The maximum loan amount under this program is 3 times the churches gross income. No personal guarantees are required on this program. This program is available to mortgage brokers.

Church Loan Saver: This church loan program was specifically designed to help churches that are in trouble with their current lender. This church loan program is generally used to refinance their current loan and get back on their feet. We can even help churches that are in Bankruptcy and foreclosure. The interest rates are higher than our other church loan programs but the payments are interest only. The maximum loan to value is 65% of the quick sale value. No personal guarantees needed on this church loan. This church loan program is available to mortgage brokers.

Construction Loan Program: Pay interest only during the church construction and have your loan automatically turn into a permanent mortgage when the church construction is complete. Fixed rates are available and you can finance up to 100% of the construction cost depending on the ownership of the land. No personal guarantees needed on this church loan. This program is available to mortgage brokers.

If your church needs financing we want to help you!  657-204-6249

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