Biz Help 101 Marketing Experts
Can be powerful for new and existing business owners that want to succeed in areas where they have previously experienced marketing unsatisfactory results.
Business Marketing Development
Biz Help 101 has a professional team that can help you with any area of starting, managing, and growing your business for advertising, marketing and promotions.  As a member you access 24/7 to help with questions in your business either through email, phone, and web conferencing.  
Marketing Experts
Do you want to take your business to the next level, but you're struggling to make the breakthrough needed? Is your business consuming you with the long hours, no time for a life, feeling stressed and lack of enthusiasm? Do you want more success and results without having to work even harder? Find out how Biz Help Marketing can help you.
With a combined experience of over 50 years, Biz Help Marketing's team has the education and experience to develop a plan for your business. 
Offline marketing solutions such as direct mail, gorilla marketing, event marketing and more.
Online marketing from Facebook to YouTube we have the expertise at your finger tips.
Marketing Plan Developers
Your customers are the center of the target, ready to be engaged. Ready, aim, fire…whoa! Fire at what? The old method of scattering messages across the airwaves is, well, the old method. Our media planning is all about focusing in on who your customers are, where and how they consume media, and creating a targeted media plan that fully engages them in the right mindset to accept your message, whether online, offline or both.
Our professional coaches will provide you with help on developing your Marketing plan and we do offer a full Business Plan development service that will do it for you.  We understand that it is a lot of work and could be discourgaing.  Our goal is to make it as painless and as easy for you to get your business started.
BizHelp101 also can take a look at your current plan and re-develop and redirect you if needed.

Marketing Planning Services:

  • Program planning
  • Establishing objectives and benchmarks
  • Target analysis (demographic, psychographic)
  • Media consumption
  • Market evaluation (media coverage, target penetration, relative cost and cost efficiency)
  • Messaging mindset (when the message is best conveyed to cause the greatest influence)
  • Media strategy development and optimal media mix
  • Online and offline components
  • National and local media

Website / Internet Marketing Experts
Have you got a website but are disappointed in the results? Do you feel confused and overwhelmed by all of the website and internet marketing stuff? Do you want to market your business with a website but don't know where to start? Ready to start or expand your internet business? We'll help you step-by-step or di it for you with our Internet Development team.

Marketing and Promotion Education

Biz Help 101's mission is to educate our members they have all they need to be successful.  We offer to our members a full array of courses, and classes, seminars and weekly webinars for continued education.  From the basics to advance Biz Help 101 Institute is here for you. 

Media Buying Services:

  • Media partnership 
  • Negotiation (cost, added value, promotions) 
  • Placement 
  • Affidavits and reconciliation 
  • Reporting: media delivery (impressions, click-through) and results 

To set up your consultation just click here and fill out the appointment form and one of our consultants will set up an appointment.  

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