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Biz Help 101 is a business membership organization and we have hundreds of members that need your help.  

How Biz Help 101 Consultancy works

We offer a consultancy that our members have access to based upon their membership.  Our business model is to help business consultants to be able to use their talents and help people.  A couple of the hardest parts of being in business is generating leads and keeping clients.  Biz Help 101 by design has compile most of the resources that you as a consultant need to help clients.

We are an one-stop for businesses, we offer:

sales material, promotional material, business start up resources, funding resources, Internet recources, and a whole lot more.  As a member of Biz Help 101 you are able to first be a part of our consultancy and you are able to resell the products and services that we offer.  As a member you receive discounts on those products and services for you to generate a profit.  

We offer on going training, as part of your membership you can offer your training in our institute.  We also have an e-commerce shopping mall that you are able to sell your products.  If you don't have you own resources (books, ebooks, cources and etc.) we will help you to develop them.  

As you can see we have though of almost everything, the only thing is missing is you and your expertise.