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Biz Help 101's Network Community Portal Leader

  • Are you an outgoing person that goes to networking events?
  • Are you a business consultant and want to go to the next level in your business?
  •  Do you like to engage in other businesses and help them to grow?
  • Would you like to build an online and offline community?

Biz Help 101 is offering a new addition to helping business consultants expand their business by offering you our Biz Help 101 Community Portal. With your own portal you can build a membership in your city. With your local portal you can generate income through:

  • Memberships,
  • Retails sales,
  • Networking events,
  • Biz Help 101 Institute
  • Affiliate program
  • And a whole lot more…


Community Portals

Member’s collaboration is vital for success of your portal. Giving members a place to express their thoughts on topics will help your community portal to grow and be successful.

As a Biz Help 101 Community Portal owner your responsibilities are:

  • Keep your members consistently up to date and involved with the latest techniques.
  • Constantly update content, and motivate members to add content to your portal.
  • Promote your networking and other portal events that you organize


Biz Help 101 Community Portal Features



All that is in the Community Tools

Full Access to all features of Biz Help 101 and it’s various features from Biz Help 101’s main site

Commission and Team Builders Program

Gold Members receives commissions on all sales and memberships

Community Portal

As a Gold Member you are able to manage your own Biz Help 101 Portal.

Business Networking Events

Biz Help 101 hosts networking events that as an Gold member is invited to attend and it’s free admission as a member.

BAC TV & Radio

1/2 hour weekly show on BAC Radio & TV Host your own program.


As an Gold Member you receive 10% off on all courses

Digital File Library

As a Gold member you will limited access to our Download library, full of 1000’s of videos, audio, e-books, applications, forms, and more…

NEW Facebook Directory & Store

As an Gold Member you will be added to our new Facebook FanPage Directory. Also if you have a product you will be able to sell (5) products on our Facebook store

Premiere Vendor Program

10 of your products will be added to BigPhatSavings.com and as a Premiere Vendor, with special promotional campaign.

Biz Coaching & Consulting

1 hours per month of personal coaching and unlimited email coaching

Next level Seminars & Webinars

Discounted access to our ongoing training and 20% discount on admission paid events and webinars

Boot Camps

You receive ½ off admission to all our boot camps

Invest in a Gold Membership Today