Los Angeles Colocation Hosting, MS Exchange Hosting and Managed Hosting Service

If your business requires web hosting, email services, data backup or other hosted services, give Biz Help 101 a call. With over 100 vendors to choose from, our consultants can help you choose the most cost effective hosted solution for your business.

Web Hosting & Data Center Services:


Colocation Hosting Services

With data centers in most major US cities, Europe and Asia
Colocated hosting in Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Chicago, New York, Seattle and more

Content Delivery Network Services (CDN)

Deliver your web media content efficiently worldwide
Content delivery, digital media, content streaming, windows media streaming, flash streaming

Custom Enterprise Server Solutions

For businesses that require an Enterprise-class web infrastructure
Dedicated server hosting, managed servers, MS SQL Clustering, SAN and disk arrays

PCI DSS Compliant Hosting

For businesses processing, storing or transmitting credit card numbers
PCI DSS compliance hosting for online businesses, intrusion detection and managed firewall

Managed Server / Dedicated Server Hosting

For businesses with high traffic web applications
Windows dedicated server, linux dedicated server, dedicated web server, dedicated web hosting
Virtual Web Site Hosting (VPS, Semi-Dedicated & Shared Hosting)

For businesses with low to medium traffic web sites


Email Hosting & Related Services:


Microsoft Exchange Hosting

Empower your employees with MS Exchange without managing your own server(s)
Exchange hosting, hosted Exchange, Microsoft exchange hosting, Exchange email hosting

Wireless Email Hosting

Get email on your wireless devices
Blackberry RIM, Blackberry Hosting, Hosted Blackberry

Email Compliance

Email monitoring and archiving for compliance
Exchange outsourcing, Exchange server hosting, dedicated Exchange hosting

Basic (POP) Email Services

For businesses that need email without the bells and whistles
Dedicated Exchange hosting, Exchange host, Exchange 2003 hosting, Exchange mail hosting

Spam & Virus Filtering

Stop spam and viruses long before they hit your mailbox
Archive email, email filtering, email encryption, spam filter

Fax via Email

Send and receive faxes directly from your PC

Other Hosted Services:


Hosted Microsoft Sharepoint

Powerful Intranet solution empowering employees through collaboration
colocation service, data center hosting los angeles, los angeles datacenters

Hosted Asterisk PBX

This VoIP solution is a fantastic solution for just about any business
Colocation Center, Colocation Hosting, Colocation Dedicated Servers

Data Backup & Recovery Services

Bad things can and do happen - take action to protect your critical data
Online backup, remote backup, remote online backup

Data Storage Services

Offsite storage solutions for businesses with large amounts of data
secure online backup, remote backup services, online backup services

Hosted Quickbooks

Share & access Quickbooks across multiple locations

For more information regarding our service offerings, contact us at 1-657-204-6249 or 

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