Business cell phones, business cellular plans and business wireless broadband

Wireless technologies are enabling businesses to become much more mobile and there are a number of services that are being used by businesses to increase employee productivity. Is your business making the most of these tools?

Whether you require voice, data, email, GPS tracking, broadband and/or provisioning and expense management, SplinterRock can help you identify the right vendor, equipment and features at the best price.


Business Cellular Phone Service

Voice, Data, Direct Connect (Walkie Talkie) & Smartphones (PDA)

Mobile Broadband

Perfect if you need broadband right now, can't get wired service or need it to travel with you

Mobile Email

Get email on your wireless devices

GPS Services

Locate, track & navigate

Fixed Mobile Convergence

Integrate the cellular and office phone experience

Wireless Barcode Solutions

Cellular based barcoding solutions

Custom Wireless Solutions

Solutions built around your company

Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Stay on top of your technology expenses and avoid carrier mischarges
Single Cell Phone Purchases

Great prices on consumer cellular phones, plans and accessories


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For more information regarding our service offerings, contact us at 1-657-204-6249 or request a free consultation online.

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