BizHelp101 professional marketing and promotional team will help you develop a plan to take your business global. 
As a Platinum, iMusic Boss, Unlimited members receive a 15% discount on all your marketing and promotions campaign and Associate Members receives a 10% membership discount.

Marketing and Promotions 

Biz Help 101 nationwide event marketing services in every major market in the U.S. We can help create awareness of your conference, new product launch, road show, concert, or any event you want to be a hit. We all know successful event marketing does not just happen. It relies on on numerous factors, including careful planning, proper support, and flawless execution. We make sure these activities are carried out in a timely and efficient manner so that your event is a major success.



Guerilla Marketing Services

Our guerilla marketing services utilize innovative techniques to create awareness and drive sales. Characterized by the conceptualization and implementation of creative marketing strategies, our guerrilla marketing tactics achieve conventional goals while using unconventional methods.
We engage in numerous guerilla marketing activities designed to generate maximum results while using minimal resources.
As unconventional marketing experts, we help consumer focused companies reach new customers while providing a high return on investment.

Street Teams Nationwide

In today's youth-oriented world, street teams are the secret weapons in the battle against staid, conventional advertising campaigns. Street team marketing first came about as a way for fans to promote their favorite artists, especially ones who didn't have big labels behind them. Now, consumer focused companies have begun to realize  that street teams are one of the most effective forms of marketing available.
We were the first agency to offer street team marketing and we currently have tens of thousands of members of our street teams available across the U.S. Street marketing is the backbone of what we do and we require our people to be totally committed to our clients' success. As Biz Help 101 name implies, our street team members take the point, leading street team marketing activities from the front.

Flyer Distribution Services

Flyer distribution is an inexpensive method of quickly reaching a large group of potential customers. Using a flyer distribution service can be an important part of the marketing mix, providing an alternative to direct mail while allowing companies the opportunity to directly put their message in a consumer's hands.

Location, Pricing and Quantity Info

Biz Help 101 distributes flyers in every major market in the U.S. For flyer distribution, our minimum quantity is 5,000 pieces per market per month, with pricing dependent on volume and location of flyers to be distributed.

Sports and Entertainment Marketing Services
We have developed a host of resources on how to coordinate, produce, and finance events for your ministry. From training your event staff to producing concerts, retreats, fundraisers and more.
We are committed to aiding your ministry to establish yourselves in the faith and have a good time doing it.
Our entertainment and sports marketing services are designed to create awareness and excitement among fans of extreme sports, movies, and video games. We understand the critical elements needed for successful entertainment marketing and we know how to reach your audience.

We focus on three primary promotional sectors:

Extreme Sports Promotions
Extreme sports marketing activities are a necessary consideration when formulating tie-ins to youth marketing strategies. We have extensive experience in the extreme sports world and can provide the relationships and knowledge to prosper in this sector. 

Movie Promotions

Implementing creative movie promotions is the key to making films stand out in a crowded environment. We are dedicated to making your movie marketing efforts provide a strong return on investment.

Video Game Promotions

Video games are hot, outselling the Hollywood box office.
We create dynamic video game promotions that can target your specific markets.

Alternative Advertising

Message delivery methods using non-standard media, alternative advertising such as wild postings allows companies to engage in strategies that differ from typical media buys in both budgetary requirements as well as creative requirements. Alternative advertising breaks through traditional advertising noise by utilizing different media outlets.
These outlets may include the placement of ads on pizza boxes and coffee sleeves, wall murals, street stickers and stencils, etc.
 Alternative outdoor advertising can also include the use of wild postings, including poster advertising on construction walls, telephone poles, etc. 

Biz Help 101 has been in Marketing and Promotions collectively since 1975, providing quality resources, direction and solutions for businesses and ministries that had need and have the desire to go to the next level. We can often save you more than the cost of our service alone.

So why not call for an appointment today?

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