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 Musicpreneur University is a 21st Century program developed to train music artists the how to’s of the music industry, "building fans into customers and customers into fans."   We recognized a niche in the independent music industry and  so we developed  Musicpreneur University to help fill the void in educating the bands and artists. 
We understand the value of business skills, marketing and promotions, distribution, manufacturing needed to build a successful business model.    
To Fulfill Your Dreams You Need EDUCATION...
There is so much information out there. Where do you start? That is where Musicpreneur University can teach you! We have over 100 years experience collectively working with indie artists and music industry professionals, helping them get  from where they are to where they want to be. You can't beat the personal attention you receive when working with Musicpreneur University.
Our course include: 
  • Independent Record Label Start up- This class for you to form your business structure (Incorporation, & licenses) 
  • Business Plan- The who, what, why, where and how much of your new record label
  • Distribution- The digital revolution has come and we will show you how to get distribution and sales for your project, from traditional distribution to ITunes.
  • One Stop Shop- This class is to introduce you to no of the many benefits for a member you save money on all you need to produce your project, From studio recording to CD/DVD Replication & Duplication, Video production gear to head shots we have it all for you at discount prices.     

  • Gig Swaps, Touring-  Showing you how to hook up with other bands and artists for gig swapping to maximize your tour schedule. 
  • Capitalization- In order to start, produce or manufacture and release your project you need $$$$ and we have developed strategies to help you raise funds.  From business credit, fundraisers to Pitching Corporate Sponsors  Ideas on how to reach potential sponsors. 
  • Marketing 101- Web Site Marketing, Articles, SEO, EPK, Emails, Newsletters, Radio and Video airplay-  Help spruce up your web site and promote it, help you with your EPK, develop an email marketing campaign, and more! Myspace & YouTube marketing & promotions-  Need help or new ideas on marketing yourself on such as Myspace and YouTube? Brian Cochran has written e-booklets about it!
  • Merchandising (EMG Merch)- Our premiere program designed to help you as an recording artist to start your T-Shirt line. 
  • Artist Development- Most bands "can't see the forest for the trees" and need a second opinion.  Our professional music business coaches will take a look at you while you perform, record and/or reherse and give you corrective instruction to help you to go to the next level.
  • Resources, resources, and more resources - With over 28 years in the music business,  Musicpreneurs has an amazing amount of resources available at her fingertipsin our digital library!  Musicpreneurs University has compiled hundreds of resourses in the Digital library & Articles & Helps sections such as contracts, forms, how to to aid you in building your label and save you time.  This class will thke you through the various resources that will aid you in the organization, management and growth of you label.
  • Motivating you to reach your potential- We know every now and then we all need a jump start to get ourselves going. 
  • Weekly webinars and in-house seminars-  Musicpreneur University hosts music business webinars every week!