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Where Membership Has its Benefits

As a member of Biz Help 101 you are encouraged to network with members in our community.  

Biz Help 101 is broken up into what we call communities and each community specializes in what's needed to help our members to start, manage and grow their companies.

Membership levels- Depending on the membership, the higher the membership the more access to the various resources and the larger the discount.  The lower memberships will have limited access and have the option to pay at  discounted price access and other services.

  • We are also offering online and offline networking events.
  • As a Biz Help 101 member you have access to our learning center to grow your business and you are more also encouraged to add your insights, tips and wisdom to our community.
  • We feature a different business each and that business is interviewed on our Radio and TV Network and featured on the front page of our community.
  • As a member of Biz Help 101 you receive discounts on products and services that we offer.
  • Team building-  Biz Help 101 offers our Independent Business Owner Team Building program where you can generate income on becoming a Biz Help 101 consultant. 
  • Network through our members profiles and develop relationships with the other members of Biz Help 101.

 Let's take a closer look

As a member of Biz Help 101 you have access to the following:

Cash Back Program

Get  between 2% to 10% cash back on your purchases through Biz Help 101 on a monthly basis.

eLearning Institute

Most businesses fail for the lack of knowledge of how to run and sustain their business.  Successful businessowners continue to learn how to do business.  Biz Help 101 has produced and complied courses that as a member you can take 24/7

Webinars, Seminars and Special Events

Even though we are primarily an online community.  We are offering both online and offline special events.

Biz & Growth Tools

On growing solutions come from having business how-to’s available to answer questions, teach and learn from. 

We have under the hood-

  • Digital Download library- Access to eBooks, videos, mp3, software and more that as a member you have access to.
  • Blogs- Input from other members and the Biz Help 101 team
  • Articles and Helps- 1000’s of articles for you to glean from
  • Forums- Various subjects to chime in on
  • Instant Messenger-  Connect with the various members of Biz Help 101
  • User Feeds- Just like Facebook share what's going on, what you are thinking, share videos, and more in real-time.

I.B.O. Website

   Our Independent Business Owner (I.B.O.) website is available to Biz Help 101 members. It's a bizhelp101.com/Yourname site.  Add as many pages as you want and depending on your membership you can also have ecommerce store, where you can sell your products in your own store. 

Spread the word. Earn rewards

The best platform, now with the best rewards—from your go-to brands to the artists, sports and movies you obsess over. Even get Biz Help 101 rewards like bonus data or dollars toward your next purchase. 

Premier Retail Vendor Program

We help to do the marketing for you. Save money on marketing and promotions and offer us that discount to us and we offer it to our membership.  It is a win, win for all!

As a Premier Vendor you are able to sell your products and offer your services to our membership.

Savings Module (BigPhatSavings.com)

Biz Help 101 Products are offered on BigPhatSavings.com our online membership ecommerce portal.  Where you receive everyday discounts and savings on our Premier Vendors Program. We offer weekly discounts.  

Community Portals

To make Biz Help 101 a great experience and membership. As stated above, Our community portals have been designed to make it easier to navigate Biz Help 101.  Each of our communities are niched.  If you are looking for business solutions for like merchant account (credit card processing) go to our business solutions community and so on…

Business Startup (HowToStartYourDream.com)

One of our special communities How To Start Your Dream is for those that have a desire to start your business.  From step by step instructions to having one of our business startup consultants help you to start your business.

Finance Services (FinanceBuilders.biz)

So, if you are looking for funding go to our Finance Builders community and you can learn all about person and business funding. From helping you to decide what the best business structure (Corporation). Finance Builders has developed a system for you to learn how to DIY or have one of our finance Consultants help set it up for you.

Marketing and Promotions (BizHelpmarketing.com)

When it comes to promoting your business BizHelpmarketing.com is the place.  From traditional, Gorilla to Internet marketing BizHelpmarketing.com can help you go global and reach your target market.  Ton's of marketing e-courses and D.I.Y. marketing solutions to help you get your product or service into the marketplace.

BAC Radio & TV network (BACTVNetwork.com and BACradio.com)

To help you promote your business and/or product our radio and Tv network is available for interviews, and commercials.  You can also start your own station or TV station.  We also have a Roku channel.

Business Opportunities

Biz Help 101 is multifaceted and offers several business opportunities depending on how you want to proceed.  Generate a generous income and residual monthly income as well.  Working part time or full!

Independent Business Owner (IBO)

Affiliate Program on Steroids- Our Biz Help 101 affiliate program is a hybrid of direct sales module, where you can generate income on your own production and residual income on building a team.  We offer a 5 by 5 team building and commission matrix. You have the ability to resell all of our products and services offered through Biz Help 101 and its affiliates.