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Starting a business has never been easier! 

One of our professional Biz Help 101's business development specialists will:
STEP 1. Let’s start with the basics… first we’ll setup your CORPORATION, PHONE, FAX, and VOICEMAIL service. In your intitial setup we help you to get registered for Entrepreneurship 101 course, this will ensure you understand what it takes to start and run your business.  We can help you to get started you still need to do some work to make it successful.

STEP 2. Next we will assign you one of our business consultants and then they will assist you in setting up your professional website, shopping cart, merchant account you can open for business 24hrs a day, and accept credit cards by phone, online, or onsite.  Included is getting your logo, letterhead, business cards and more...

STEP 3. Next, we will provide you with a detailed business plan, marketing plan, Internet marketing system, and a lead generation system to help your acquire more customers over night and build your brand over time. Get started today and dominate the marketplace tomorrow!
STEP 4. Implement a promotional plan which includes e-blast, one week promotion on BizCount and featured as a new business in our directories. Also includes enrolling into our Premiere Vendor Salesprogram, your product/service is added to BigPhat Savings and Special Business Facebook Fanpage directory.
STEP 5.  Set you up an appointment with our Finance Builders Department to help you with getting financing, and credit solutions for you and your business.
STEP 6. If you don't know what type of business to start, Biz Help 101 Turnkey solution is for you.  We have hundreds of businesses for you to choose from, and our coaches will help you to choose.
Big Phat Savings.  As a member of Biz Help 101 you get Big Phat Savings on all the products and services needed to start, manage and grow your buisness.  We have a portal called that you receive from 15 to 35% off on great stuff.
"The willingness to learn new things is one of the hallmarks of running a successful business and
 managing professional people."